Dutch Electro
Since many years Dutch Electro develops and manufactures light fittings and inverters for the commercial vehicle market.

Our customers are the manufactures of, for instance ambulances, fire trucks, freezing vans, market trucks, service vans, buses, trailers and several special applications.

At the same time we supply our products to the marine industry. We also offer lighting solutions for industrial applications where for instance special voltages and compact designs are required.

We permanently keep track of innovations in the lighting industry. We try to apply these developments in our light fittings. An example of a recent development is the application of LED light sources in our DEMCO light fittings.

DEMCO light fittings
DEMCO light fittings are known for their reliability, high light output and low power consumption.

DEMCO light fittings are assembled out of modules:

  • aluminium or thermoplast base;
  • polycarbonate diffuser;
  • inverters (12V DC, 24 V DC, 110 V AC or 230V AC);
  • fluorescent tubes, compact lamps or LED light sources.
As the aluminium bases and the polycarbonate diffusers are extruded on lengths, we are able to manufacture light fittings in any requested length. A light fitting of for instance 10 meter long is not an exception.

Furthermore we are able to supply special versions such as light fittings with double voltage, motion sensor, different light colors or dimmable lighting.

You will find all standard versions of the DEMCO light fittings on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if you need additional information.

Lead time
Dutch Electro manufactures the DEMCO light fittings in its factory in the Netherlands. After receiving your order we will assemble the requested light fittings. Manufacturing this way enables us to assemble light fittings on customer's specifications, with only a short lead time.