Extension of the LED fittings

(20 sep 2012)
As from October 2012, the slim surface mounted fitting Track, can also be supplied in versions with a power consumption of 20W/m and 10W/m.

These new versions come next to the versions with an output of 30W/m. By using a newly developed impact-resistant polycarbonate diffuser the slim surface mounted fitting Track can also be delivered from October 2012 in versions with a capacity of 20W/m and 10W/m. The also new Track end caps have an attractive design and are fixed with screws to the fitting. The fittings of the Track series can, as a result of this new development, also be supplied at lengths longer than 1.5 m.

Some examples of the extension of the Track fittings with an output of 20W/m are:

Track series 1 x 12 LED module               Track series with 2x12 LED module

Track with 1x12 LED’s         Track with 2x12 LED’s
* length 275mm  * length 495mm
* light output 400 Lumen                                                    * light output 800 Lumen
* power 5 Watt * power 10 Watt

Besides the Track fittings with an output of 20W/m or 10W/m, there are also power LED versions with a very high light output and a power consumption of 30W/m.

For the selection of the correct wattage of LED fittings, some basic rules can be followed:

  • The fittings with an output of 20W/m are useful as replacement of fluorescent single tubes.
  • To replace compact lamps, power LED fittings with a power consumption of 30W/m are ideal.
  • Finally, LED fittings with an output of 10W/m can be useful in smaller spaces such as lockers.
  • Due to the compact dimensions of the Track fittings the models with an output of 20W/m and 30W/m should, due the cooling of the LEDs, always be mounted on metal. Mounting on metal is necessary to guarantee the lifetime of the LED's.

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