New LED surface mounted fittings with master/slave LED technique

(23 okt 2013)
The completely new developed LED surface mounted fitting Micro Edge is now available.

The Micro Edge is a very small surface mounted fitting that can be used as for instance general lighting of service trucks or to illuminate the shelves of market vans. The watertight version called Micro Edge WT is filled with a clear polyurethane resin and can be used for the lighting of shutter compartments in fire trucks or freezing vans. 

The (corner) mounting of this new Dutch Electro fitting is very easy through a double sided VHB tape or via the brackets at the outer ends of the fitting. The Micro Edge can be delivered with our new master/slave LED modules, which makes it easy to manufacture cost effective solutions on longer lengths (0.8, 1.2, 1.6m or longer).

The Micro Edge is available with a power consumption of 12.5W/m and 1000 Lumen/m light output, or with 6.25 W/m and 500 Lumen/m. We can deliver the new fittings with 3 different white LED light colours (natural white, cool white or warm white) and also with red, green or blue LED light.



                                        Micro Edge                                                                         Micro Edge WT

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