New options DISC light fittings: 7 Watt, switch and opaque diffuser

(5 mei 2011)
The DISC light fittings are from now on also available in a 7 Watt LED version with 600 Lumen light output. Furthermore the DISC light fittings can be supplied with an optional switch and next to the clear diffuser there is also an opaque diffuser available.

As from now the DISC recessed fittings and the DISC surface mounted fittings are also available with a 3 power LED Module. The power consumption of this 3 power LED Module is 7 Watt and the light output is 600 Lumen. The price of the DISC light fittings with 3 power LED Module is about 30% less than the price of the version with 6 power LED Module, which has a power consumption of 10W and a light output of 900 Lumen.

Furthermore the standard, non watertight DISC light fittings are from now on available with an optional on/off switch.

Finally the DISC light fittings can also be supplied with an opaque diffuser. The advantage of an opaque diffuser compared to a clear diffuser is that the light emitted in a more diffuse way. Besides this, an opaque diffuser reduces the risk of possible discomfort caused by the brightness of the power LED's.

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