New: Track angle mounted

(18 okt 2011)
As from December 2011 a new version of the Track fitting will be available.

This version is called the 'Track angle mounted' which will be available in a watertight IP66 version as well as a standard version.

Due to its construction, the 'Track angle mounted' can be mounted vertically to highlight for example the equipment compartment of a fire fighting vehicle. The 'Track angle mounted' can also be mounted horizontally to highlight a workbench.

In the watertight (IP66) version the fitting can easily highlight the surroundings of a vehicle.

All versions of the ‘Track angle mounted’ are bases on 6 power LED modules which can be connected. The version with a power consumption of 5 Watt has a light output of 450 Lumen and the 10 Watt version has a light output of 900 Lumen.

An example of a possible version is: 2x module 6 power LED of 700 mm. This version has a light output of 1800 Lumen and a power consumption of 20 Watt.


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