Company profile

For more than 30 years, Dutch Electro transport lighting has been developing and manufacturing light fittings and electronics for the automotive sector.


Our (LED) light fittings are used in ambulances, fire engines, refrigerators and freezers, market vans, commercial vehicles, buses, trailers and various special applications.

We also supply our products to the marine industry and we offer lighting solutions for industrial installations where special voltages and compact designs are applied.

We continuously monitor the developments in the field of lighting technology and, where possible, apply these in our light fittings. An important example of a recent development is the application of so-called "Light Guide Plate" technology in our new, ultra flat Nova LED panel, which creates a very nice diffused light image.


Light fittings from Dutch Electro are known for their reliability, high light output and low power consumption, and have been specifically developed for the harsh conditions in the automotive and shipping industries. As a result, Dutch Electro light fittings are resistant to, among other things, charging voltages, humidity and vibrations, and our electronics have an ECE R10 type approval.

Our lighting fixtures are modularly composed of:

  • aluminum base profile;
  • impact-resistant polycarbonate diffuser;
  • LED modules or fluorescent tubes and ballasts;
  • accessories such as switch, motion sensor;
  • thermoplast brackets and end caps.

Because the aluminum base profiles and polycarbonate diffusers from Dutch Electro are extruded to length, in principle any desired size is possible. A fitting of, for example, 10 meters in length is no exception.

In addition, we can supply special versions such as light fittings with duo-voltage, different light colors, motion sensor or dimmable lighting. We are happy to work with you to find the best possible solution, using our knowledge and experience to convert your specific wishes and requirements into suitable lighting.


Light fittings and electronics from Dutch Electro are produced in our own company in the Netherlands. After we receive your order, the light fittings are assembled from our stock parts ("assemble to order"). Thanks to this method of production, we can adjust to the specific demands of our customers, ensuring a short lead time of only 10 to 15 business days.