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New mono-voltage LED modules for DISC fittings

The round Dutch Electro LED fitting DISC has once again gone through further development. This has resulted in new 12 and 24VDC mono-voltage LED modules which are available at even better prices. 

The 12 or 24VDC mono-voltage fittings are available with the same light output as the successful power LED modules of the 10-30VDC bi-voltage fittings.

Specifications of the new mono-voltage versions of the DISC fittings are:

  • 4 light output levels (300 to 1400 Lumen)
  • option to connect fittings together by using a 4 wire cable
  • ADR certification on the watertight IP66 versions
  • IK06 certification at -40°C
  • metal housing in 3 colours (white, grey and black)

The different versions will be available as follows:

Standard version 12 or 24VDC (with or without a switch)
As from June, 2016

12VDC with nightlight
As from week 45-2016 (provisionally)

24VDC with nightlight
As from week 51-2016 (provisionally)

12VDC with motion sensor
As from the beginning of 2017 (provisionally)

24VDC with motion sensor
As from June, 2016