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Perfect Colour rendering - Nova LED panel

From now on Dutch Electro can supply a special version the Nova LED panels with a perfect colour rendering. These lights are very suitable for medical applications or other areas where a high colour rendering is of great importance.

Thanks to the perfect colour rendering of our Nova LED panels, a patient in an ambulance can be treated under similar lighting conditions as for instance in an operating room of a hospital.

When introducing our LED lighting more than 10 years ago, Dutch Electro made a conscious choice for LEDs with similar light properties to the Philips fluorescent tubes that we have always supplied in our DEMCO light fittings.

Especially properties such as light output and light colour. Our “natural white LEDs” - which are frequently used in vehicle interior lighting - are at least the same as a Philips fluorescent tube with light colour 840.

Colour rendering or CRI
The colour rendering or CRI of a luminaire is the ability of its light source to reproduce colours accurately. On earth our main light and heat source is of course the sun, which has the perfect colour rendering of 100.

The colour rendering or CRI is an average of 8 or 15 individual renders of specific colours, including pastel shades, as well as more saturated colours.

The image on the right shows the effect of colour rendering when observing the colours of an apple. Philips fluorescent tubes with light colour 840 and our standard LEDs have a colour rendering of at least 80. So these light sources are somewhere between the first and second apple.

Nova LED panel CRI 90
LED's are now available with a higher colour rendering of at least 90. As from today our Nova LED panel is therefore optionally available with this higher CRI of at least 90%.

We have carried out light measurements to assess the colour rendering of the special version of the Nova LED panel. The conclusions from these measurements have made us very enthusiastic as “lighting specialists”:

  • The CRI of our standard LEDs is 83 and of the new Nova LED panel the CRI is 95. This corresponds to the fourth, most right apple in the picture.
  • The colour reproduction with CRI 90 is of a very high level and almost perfectly true to nature.
  • The high CRI LEDs also have a better colour rendering of the human skin, making the Nova LED panel extremely suitable for medical applications.
  • The better colour rendering has a small downside which is that the light output is reduced by approximately 20%.

If you would like more information about all other properties of our Nova LED panels, please view the relevant pages of our website or contact us.