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Dutch Electro LED fittings in roadside assistance vehicles

Since several months, ANWB (The Royal Dutch Touring Club) uses Dutch Electro LED lighting in their VW T6 roadside assistance vehicles.

The vehicles have been equipped with our reliable and low-energy LED lighting in the front at the driver’s seat, as well as in the back in the work and storage areas. The inside of the rear door has also been fitted with LED lighting, so that the working area of the ANWB roadside assistance vehicles is well lit during repair work.

ANWB has chosen for the DISC surface mounted fitting with integrated switch inside the front cabin. This provides a convenient workspace to carry out all necessary paperwork in the vehicle.

Work and storage areas
The work and storage areas where parts and tools are stored have been equipped with two Track fittings, which provide sufficient illumination when the sliding doors are opened.

Rear door
For the inside of the rear door, ANWB has chosen for two short versions of our watertight Track 40 WT fitting. When the rear door is opened, these light fittings emit their light under a downward angle, which provides excellent lighting of the entire workspace below the rear door and part of the interior.