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Delivery time Dutch Electro

Many of you will have noticed that the economy has picked up considerably. The automotive and transport industry are growing as well, which has given us a lot of work. As a result, Dutch Electro’s delivery times have increased slightly.

Of course, we are happy about this growth and we are taking appropriate measures to deliver our customers on time. This includes hiring more personnel and investing in automated production. If possible, we kindly request you to take these developments into account when planning your projects and placing orders.

As you know, all Dutch Electro light fittings are assembled in our own production facility in the Netherlands. After we receive your order, the fittings are produced (assemble to order). We have all necessary parts in stock, but in order to assemble a fitting, we must for instance cut off aluminium profiles, mount the LED modules and test the final product.

Due to this method of production, we can adjust to customer specific wishes, where you have to take into account a short delivery time of normally 10 working days (excluding transport time).

If our delivery time causes issues with your planning, then specific agreements are always possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of delivery issues, so that we can work out a suitable solution.