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Phasing out fluorescent tubes

It's really going to happen now: the production of fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) will be banned.

From August 2023, all T5 and T8 lamps, as well as all PLS and PLL lamps, will be phased out. What exactly the production ban and phase out means is explained below.

The background of the ban on fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) is that the Netherlands and Europe want to use fewer hazardous substances. Most fluorescent lamps contain the hazardous substance mercury. That is why defective fluorescent lamps should not be thrown in the trash can, but should be taken to a special collection point such as a shop or recycling centre. Some types of fluorescent lamps were no longer produced from February 2023, but from August 24, 2023, the production ban will apply to all common fluorescent lamps.

It is still allowed to sell existing stocks. Dutch Electro still has a limited stock of fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps that we can offer you. We can also supply limited quantities of ballasts.

If you still would like to order light fittings with fluorescent tubes or compact fluorescent lamps, please contact us. We can also advise you on a possible Dutch Electro LED alternative, that are widely available.