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Track 60 WT LED fittings application on race trucks

W Racing Team has recently started using the Dutch Electro Track 60 WT LED fittings.

From now on, the new W Racing Team race truck will widely illuminate every European race circuit. Even in the middle of the night, it is very important to Dutch Electro that W Racing Team can rely on the highest possible quality from our watertight LED fittings with focal lens.

Nowadays, vehicle exteriors are equipped extensively with the ‘cool white’ (6000K) light colour as environment lighting. The Track 60 WT LED fittings are available in 6 different sizes and light outputs:

Version Power
Light output

3 power LED 5.5 260 700
6 power LED 11 409 1400
12 power LED 22 708 2800
18 power LED 33 1007 4200
24 power LED 44 1306 5600
30 power LED 55 1605 7000

Thanks to the successful testing period, our lighting has gained WRT’s trust. Many more race trucks will be equipped with our Track 60 WT LED fittings over the course of the following months.